Barcoded Magnetic Bead Technology

Barcoded Magnetic Bead Technology for Multiplex Detection of Proteins and Nucleic Acids

Applied BioCode has developed Barcoded Magnetic Bead technology that combines microparticles with digital barcodes for multiplex immunoassays or molecular detection. This patented technology allows immobilization of oligonucleotides and proteins (antibodies or antigens) on the surface of BMBs for multiplex analyte detection.  It enables 4,096 unique barcodes to be easily scanned and eliminates ambiguity in identification. 

The BMB products demonstrate high signal to noise ratio due to low nonspecific binding characteristics for biological assays. Fabricated from a biocompatible polymer composite, BMBs also offer long-term stability for molecular and immuno-chemistry. This breakthrough technology significantly improves the identification and throughput capacity of in-vitro diagnostics.

Barcoded Magnetic Bead Technology
  • Enables syndromic panel testing for in-vitro diagnostics
  • Digital Multiplexing technology for protein and nucleic acid Testing
  • Enables 4,096 unique barcodes to be easily scanned and accurately identified with no ambiguity
  • BMBs are mass produced by a robust and highly reproducible semiconductor fabrication process

Nucleic Acids Detection

Barcoded Magnetic Bead Technology

Protein Detection

Barcoded Magnetic Bead Technology

  • Molecular Testing
  • Protein Biomarkers
  • Single Nucleotide Polymorphism (SNPs)
  • Gene Expression
  • Micro RNA Expression
  • Human Leukocyte Antigen
  • In-vitro fertilization biomarkers
  • Agriculture product and seed genotyping
  • Biomarker Discovery