BioCode® 2500 Analyzer

The BioCode® 2500 Analyzer is a multiplex Molecular Diagnostic or Immunoassay reader. Following sample preparation, the barcodes and the ­fluorescent signal of the beads are detected on the bottom of each well. Up to 128 targets per sample can be tested in each 96-well microplate well.

This instrument can detect multiple targets or biomarkers in one sample,  thereby significantly increasing the throughput, reduce sample size and reduce the overall cost of detection by conventional non multiplex testing methods. 

BioCode® 2500 Features and Benefits

The BioCode® 2500* Analyzer is affordable and easy to use. Once the reaction takes place, the system detects the beads’ barcodes and fluorescent signals in about 30 seconds. An entire 96 well microplate can be read with the analyzer in about 30 minutes.

The system’s XY transitional stage allows it to scan the entire microplate quickly. A CCD camera reads each barcode and quantifies the BMB target using the fluorescence signal intensity. The results are provided in a user-friendly report.

  • Reduce Testing Time & Costs 
  •  Reduce Sample Volume 
  • ~30 minutes per 96-well microplate 

*BioCode® 2500 Analyzer is registered with the US FDA as a Class 1 Device. 

BMBs for use with the BioCode® 2500 Analyzer

A variety of functionalized and non-functionalized Barcoded Magnetic Beads work with the BioCode® 2500 Analyzer:

  • Carboxyl beads: Carboxyl beads allow primers and probes to bind to the bead’s surface, allowing for the covalent attachment of nucleic acids and ligands.
  • P-Carboxyl beads: P-Carboxyl beads also allow for the covalent attachment of peptides, proteins, and other ligands to the beads’ surface. Proteins bind to the surface through amino groups.
  • Amino beads: Amino beads allow for the covalent attachment of peptides, proteins, and other ligands via carboxyl groups.
  • Streptavidin beads: Streptavidin beads allow for rapid assay development through a high-affinity binding of biotinylated molecules.
  • Unmodified beads – These beads are not functionalized and allows customers the ability to use their own attachment chemistry on the BMB beads.