Digital Barcodes for Multiplex Immunoassay*

Barcoded Magnetic Bead based Multiplex Immunoassay

A master mix of different capture antibodies coupled to BMBs is prepared for performing a BMB-based multiplex immunoassay. The sample is incubated with the mixed BMB pool. Since each bead can be distinguished based on its barcode, each can represent a capture antibody for a specific antigen or biomarker. After incubation with biotin labeled capture antibody mix, the presence of cytokine/chemokine are detected with Streptavidin-Phycoerythrin conjugate (SA-PE).


A BMB-based immunoassay can be performed in sandwich format for cytokine detection. In brief, we use barcodes to identify which antibody is on each bead and use fluorescence to quantify biomarkers.

Digital Barcodes for Multiplex Immunoassay*
Digital Barcodes for Multiplex Immunoassay*

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