Custom Assay Development for Multiplex ELISA Assays

Custom Assay Development for Multiplex ELISA Assays

With BMB technology,

Applied BioCode also offers custom service program to help custom multiplex assay development from existing proteins and genotyping assays. Every application benefits fully from the main advantage of multiplex assay, which is a significant reduction in time and costs compared to traditional methods.

ELISA is a very powerful tool for the quantitative measurement of drug/protein/antibody levels in biological samples, such as cell lysate or serum. Using your proprietary antibodies, commercially available antibodies, we will develop customized multiplex sandwich or competitive ELISA assay(s) to meet your needs with a rigorous assay development process. With our expert primer design and assay optimization, Applied BioCode will convert your traditional SNP assay into a multiplex SNP assay.

Once you approve the assay performance and validation, Applied BioCode will manufacture the bulk reagent and transition the assay to your laboratory or research station.

Custom Assay Development for Multiplex ELISA Assays

How to Start the Process?

Applied BioCode is confident in its ability to easily develop assays with the Barcoded Magnetic Beads. So sure, that we will conduct a limited feasibility of using our beads with your assay at no charge. Just send us your target probes, antibodies and calibrators and we will attach our beads and provide you with the fluorescence values from the BioCode detection platform.

Customers use Applied BioCode to develop custom biomarker multiplex assays for various applications, such as AgBio, Multiplex ELISA Assays, why not you?

Call or email for information on your specific assay development needs. We are ready to assist.

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Director, Technical Services
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