Applied BioCode Announces Exclusive Partner Distribution Agreement with Hardy Diagnostics, Further Broadens Reach of BioCode® MDx-3000 System into Hospitals and Reference Laboratories in the United States

Hardy Diagnostics Now Offers the BioCode® MDx-3000

Exclusive U.S. Distribution of the Automated High Throughput Multiplex Molecular Diagnostic System

March 14, 2022 –


Applied BioCode today announced an agreement with Hardy Diagnostics, a leader in manufactured and distributed microbiology products in the United States, for the distribution of the MDx-3000 System and its comprehensive menu for the diagnosis of upper respiratory infections, gastrointestinal infections as well as a suite of Analyte Specific Reagents (ASRs) which can be used by high-complexity laboratories to develop their own laboratory developed tests (LDTs). Under the terms of the exclusive agreement, Hardy Diagnostics will begin offering the MDx-3000 System to clinical laboratory customers in the United States.

“Applied BioCode is thrilled to partner with Hardy Diagnostics, and we look forward to working closely with the Hardy team to expand our reach to hospitals and reference laboratories in the US,” said Winston Ho, President of Applied BioCode.

Jay Hardy, Chief Executive Officer of Hardy Diagnostics, said, “We are very excited to add the Applied BioCode MDx-3000 molecular platform to our lineup of instruments to streamline the processes for microbiologists.” Hardy adds, “Our Company prides itself on offering our laboratory partners innovative solutions to detect and diagnose disease. With the pandemic workload inundating our laboratory partners, we are pleased to be able to offer an easy-to-use automated system that offers reduced hands-on time, accelerated turnaround times, complete assay panels with minimal potential for sample contamination.”