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BioCode-1000A Software

BioCode-1000A Software is a powerful yet easy to use control program and user interface for use with the  BioCode-1000A Analyzer.  It simplifies the operation while providing detailed control of the instrument, including rapid scanning of the 96-well microplate, image capture, and image processing of both bright field barcode pattern and fluorescence intensity from up to several hundred digital magnetic beads in each microwell.  Within a minute, the system displays the barcode and fluorescence intensity of every single bead in the microwell.  Immediate results are then summarized and displayed according to the average fluorescence of each bead type or each test.  This exceptional software provides:

  • Straightforward graphical user Interface with micro plate layout allowing simple selection and single button operation

  • Quick system startup and status checks to assure error free operation

  • Simple setup and maintenance

  • Automatic Data Reports that are available as soon as each well is complete

  • Built-in automated data export for use with Excel

  • Operator defined test panels as needed

  • Security access control for each user including operator, supervisor and service personnel

  • Visual keys to show real time progress for each well and the entire microplate

  • Data Archiving to provide for efficient backup of critical results

Operation Panels

After the test completion of each well, the test summary (Barcode number, Number of beads counted, Fluorescence signal) will be shown at the Test Summary area of the right pane.

BioCode-1000 Software screen shot 1

View Test Report

The lab test results are automatically stored into the database server. Click the Reports button to open the View Report dialog and click the Refresh button to synchronize with the database. Select the Test Panel and then the Microplate ID from the drop-down list. A formatted report will be shown:

BioCode-1000 Software screen shot 2

Area Description
1 Test Panel
2 Microplate ID
3 Barcode numbers that are defined in the Test Panel
4 Probe ID of a Test Panel
5 Well numbers of a microplate
6 Fluorescence of the test samples

Click the Save Summary to File button to bring up the Save Dialog. 

You can save the test data to a file in XML Paper Specification (XPS) --similar to Adobe PDF by selecting the designed item from the drop-down list next to Save as type. Enter a file name and click the Save button.

BioCode-1000 Software screen shot 3

Besides XPS format, you can save the data into an ASCII text file of the following format:
File Type Description
BMB Industry standard data format
Test Report Save the test report in text format the same content as the XPS.
Test Summary The Test Summary file has a similar content as the test report, but also shows the number of barcode counts of each type of beads is detected.

Click on the view Test Details button to get all the details of every beads in the program as:

BioCode-1000 Software screen shot 4

*BioCode-1000A Software is intended For Research Use only. Not for use in Diagnostic Procedures.

BioCode-1000 Analyzer




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