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  • BioCode MDx 3000 High Throughput System
  • BioCode 2000 Analyzer
  • Barcoded Magnetic Beads
  • Gastrointestinal Pathogen Panel
  • Human & Mouse Cytokines Panels

Digital Multiplexing for Proteomics and Genomics


Applied BioCode provides a breakthrough digital multiplexing molecular platform that delivers easy to use, low cost, multiplex analysis for all of your Molecular and Protein testing needs. At the core of the platform are the micrometer scaled Barcode Magnetic Beads or BMBs that are 1,000 times smaller than conventional barcodes and can be used to barcode all of your biomarkers for all-in-one molecular tests. These BMBs are biocompatible polymeric magnetic beads that are encoded with a digital barcode for easy and accurate recognition. Our high contrast optical barcodes enable accurate decoding without risk of ambiguous test classifications.

Multiplex Applications:

- Molecular Testing
- Protein Biomarkers
- Single Nucleotide Polymorphism(SNPs)
- Gene Expression
- Micro RNA Expression
- Human Leukocyte Antigen
- Blood Group Genotyping
- In vitro fertilization biomarkers
- Agriculture product and seed genotyping
- Biomarker Discovery

DNA & Protein Multiplex Assays


  • Technology

    • Watch Video about Barcoded Magnetic Bead (BMB) Technology

    • Watch Video about The BioCode MDx 3000*

    • Watch Video about User-Defined Mode on the BioCode MDx 3000*

    Applied BioCode, Inc. has combined photolithographic digital barcodes with immuno- and molecular chemistry to create a new, patented Barcoded Magnetic Beads (BMB) technology. The BMBs' barcode patterns (4,096 available barcodes) produce a high-contrast signal with a nominal fluorescent background, allowing the barcode to be easily and accurately identified, with near 100% decoding accuracy.

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    Experience Next Generation Multiplexing Technology with Digitally Barcoded Magnetic Beads!

    Benefits include:
    • Pre-Mixed or Custom Panels
    • Partial Plates Available – 32 or 96 Test Kits
    • Just like ELISA, with Direct Imaging
    • No Lasers, No Flow Cells, No Fluids, No Waste
    • Up to 40% Lower Prices than Competitive Offerings

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    News and Events

    February 9th, 2016 - Press Release: Applied BioCode Awarded Digital Barcode Patent (US Patent #9,255,922) for Identifying Multiplexed Biomarkers or Pathogens.

    May 16th - 22nd, 2016 - CVS: 32nd Annual Clinical Virology Symposium, Daytona Beach, FL. Booth #127.

    July 31st - August 4th, 2016 - AACC, Democratic National Convention Center, Philadelphia, PA. Booth #1658.

    November 10th - 12th, 2016 - AMP, Charlotte Convention Center, Charlotte, NC. Booth #1904.

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    About Us

    Our mission is to develop and commercialize high quality BioCode systems, easy-to-use, reliable multiplexed testing instruments and customized assays for the global In-Vitro Molecular Diagnostic markets. In doing this, we will reduce test turn around time, reduce the labor required to test patients, decrease patient sample size requirements, and improve the cost structure of laboratory testing. This will in turn help to reduce healthcare costs and improve patient outcomes.

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* The BioCode MDx 3000 and the associated GI Panel are currently in clinical studies and have not been cleared for marketing by the FDA.